Pingyao Hong Shan Yi Narada Resort

During the Ming and Qing dynasties Pingyao Hongshanyi was a post specially set up for inspectors,secretary of the state and government officials. The Empress dowager Cixi once stayed here when she was on her west tour and praised highly for this hotel. Our hotle is located in the center of ancient city on the west side of the county government scenic area,only 200 meters upto the most prosperous Ming Qing street.It has the sevices of catering,accommodation,vacation,leisure, folk arts, business and meeting affairs of five stars folk hotel.The hotel is the only company in Shanxi province with its calligraphy and painting culture theme.As well as Shanxi merchants quite elegant quadrangle courtyards and its compount architectural style of classic.
We have many different kinds of rooms,70 luxurious quest-rooms,including family suits,business big bed,deluxe suite etc,for 150 people living and have a meeting at the same time.The JinZhong local food culture in addition,the characteristics dishes and variety pasta attracted many famous people from home and abroad to teste it.As time goes on, Our hotel inherited the latter historical context making the city tourism card. Based on hundred years of post culture,with unique style,top grade service, features dihes and approachable price attracts lot of guests at home and abroad